The technical creativity in 3D printing module focuses on developing technical creativity and technological entrepreneurship as key competencies. It is based on the expertise of HEI MAKER project partners in higher education, makerspaces and business. The main technologies considered in the module are CAD, 3D scanning and 3D printing.

The aim of the module is to familiarize learners, HEI students and lecturers, with the basic 3D printing and 3D scanning knowledge needed for building a prototype and with real case examples of 3D printing based start-ups.


• Lesson #1 - Fundamentals of 3D printing

• Lesson #2 - 3D printing process parameters

• Lesson #3 - 3D printing hardware

• Lesson #4 - Design for 3D printing

• Lesson #5 - 3D printing parts defects analysis

• Lesson #6 - Entrepreneurship in 3D printing

• Lesson #7 - 3D printing software

• Workshop #1 - 3D modeling low to medium complexity parts

• Workshop #2 - 3D models from 3D scanning

• Workshop #3 - Applying 3D printing process steps for manufacturing different technical parts and assemblies

• Workshop #4 - 3D printing of a technical product

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The module focuses on technical start-ups rather than the conventional ones teaching legal aspects and general business processes. It is based on successful entrepreneurship education schemes like Futurepreneurs, Fellows, Springboard and other projects. Technological entrepreneurship module focuses on developing entrepreneurial mind-set, applying creative thinking techniques, creation and commercialization of hardware start-ups, internationalization, etc.

The aim of the module is to provide a detailed understanding to learners, HEI students and lecturers, with basic knowledge and real case examples on launching a hardware based start-up and prepare for generating ideas how to start a business based on own prototype.


• Section #1 KICKSTARTING YOUR IDEA: business incubation/acceleration, start-up

• Section #2 FUNDING YOUR IDEA: investors, funding sources

• Section #3 DEVELOPING YOUR IDEA: stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement 

• Section #4 PROTECTING YOUR IDEA: intellectual property, copyrights, patents, trademarks, confidentiality

• Section #5 GROWING YOUR BUSINESS: scale-up, strategy, development

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